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The teacher walked up completely embarrassed to the stage. "Well, that was um, interesting. Anyways, now Riku has something to show you all!!" she murmured, "I just hope HE knows what he's doing."

Riku walked out revealing an Abraham Lincoln get up. He practiced his lines so many times, no one expected him to mess up. Until….his eyes lit up as soon as he saw all the people staring at him.

He stammered and his eyes grew wider and wider by the minute. Everyone he knew was watching. He even saw a certain Benjamin Franklin zombie eagerly cheering him on.

"T-the…Gettysburg address……F-for score…and s-seven years ago…." he trailed off.

"Ah screw this! My name's Abraham Lincoln and like CHEESE!!"

The audience laughed hard.

The third grade teacher groaned. Kairi laughed and walked out from backstage. She whispered something to the cheese loving 16th president.

His face grew bright red. He stammered. "I-I…uh…………LOOK! IT'S THE ZOMBIE OF THE GUY WHO CREATED ELECTRICITY!!"

"My name's BENJAMIN FRANKLIN!" Sora screamed out.

Suddenly Kairi burst in "I thought Abraham Lincoln was lactose and tolerant!"

"SHUT UP!" Riku said with unease.

Everyone laughed, even the teacher.

Out of nowhere, the lights went off.

Everyone threw their attention to Sora as if saying "You created electricity with many, MANY errors."

Sora laughed sheepishly and said "Wasn't me."

Then the funny looking trio of a zombie shot by lightning, a lactose and tolerant cheese loving president, and a red haired girl ran off with everyone staring and laughing at them.

lol! i told you i'd finish today. XD lol! um....i dont think Abraham Lincoln is really latose and toloerant....:XD:

so...yeeeeeaa... XD

characters belong to Square Enix....a.k.a NOT ME.

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January 22, 2011
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